Farm & Home Supply is a family business that has been in Winnie since 1970. The current owners, Mollie & Bubba Simpson, bought it from Mollie’s parents in 1994. After buying the store, they added on to the back warehouse to provide space to enhance the supply of iron and pipe stock. They also moved out the old wooden gondolas and replaced them with more modern shelving to make room for more inventory.

Although it is a small hardware store, it provides many of the basic needs that any do-it-yourselfer might request. Unlike the large box stores, there is always someone there to help and guide its customers in whatever home repair project they might have.

At Farm & Home Supply, you’ll find a large inventory of hardware in addition to all your basic plumbing and electrical needs. Another key service is that if the item needed is not in stock, they can usually have it for you within a week if it is in the catalog of either of their wholesalers.